Microsoft Telephonic Interview

"Thank you again for agreeing to participate in the upcoming in-depth telephone interview. I want to emphasize the importance of your opinions to our client, Microsoft. "You are one of only a few participants invited to take part in this research and your participation is extremely important. "You have been specially screened and qualified. If … Continue reading Microsoft Telephonic Interview


As mentioned in a previous post, I'm looking at implementing OpenID on NCANE.COM to replace the existing session and authentication module. I am battling a bit though with the OpenID PHP classes I found, mainly due to silly directory structures.

Progress Complete

I’ve finished updating the blog to reflect the WordPress URLs, as opposed to the older SimplePHPBlog URLs, for related links to other posts. It took a lot less time than I was expecting! Now I just need to do the same on NCANE.COM.

District 9

I’m now throwing my two cents in. M said it is recommended viewing for all South Africans, and I whole-heartedly agree. This movie can be analysed to death regarding its subtext, but I’ll just say this: it’s well-made. The special effects were hardly noticeable (and considering there was a ruddy great space ship hovering over … Continue reading District 9