About Randolph West

My name is Randolph West, and I am a voice and stage actor, filmmaker, and technologist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Here’s a link to my IMDb page, and my demo reel.

I’m part of the Voice Acting Power Squad, which meets every Monday, and live streams on Facebook and Twitch. I’ve also appeared on stage with Morpheus Theatre.

This is an incomplete list of things I’ve done for the camera:


I’m a SQL Server consultant, specialising in performance tuning, disaster recovery best practices, and data recovery. I have written some free stuff that you can see on my consulting website at Born SQL.

I sit on the boards of several companies in Canada and South Africa, designing and building systems for companies you’ve never heard of.

For a while I was known for a Windows-based application called ShutOff 2000. I also created South Africa’s first short URL generator, several months before Twitter was invented.

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