Scott Adams’ Six Dimensions of Humour

Scott Adams has a system for creating humour, based on the following six dimensions. He says that two or more things in this list will be humorous.

  1. Cuteness:
    puppies, children, kittens, etc.
  2. Meanness:
    cruelty in some way, borderline dark humour
  3. Bizarreness:
    surreal, but not unreal
  4. Recognizability:
    familiar situation one’s been in, variable based on audience
  5. Naughtiness:
    dirtiness, uncleanliness, naughtiness rule: the funnier the joke, the more you can get away with
  6. Cleverness – Intuitive thinking:
    • Exaggeration – blown out of proportion, WAAAAY out of proportion
    • Play on Words – puns, make sure to add another dimension and use sparingly, intelligent people like them
    • Broken Logic – logical fallacy, but not completely random, user is able to try to “fix” the problem

And finally, if no humour exists, think in opposites to generate humour.