Well here we are. Quarter past eight in the morning. I can't get no sleep. Well, sort of. We got a new CEO yesterday after the last one resigned. Sure, we're confident that the company is in good hands since the majority buyout last year, but some of us are worried that the essence has gone that made this company great.

My own opinion? I think it is all good from here. I was made a manager at the beginning of the year, and I think I like the added responsibility. I just wish there were 30 hours in a day so at least I could sleep 6. I trust the new guy to get us places while he's here for the next month or so. We'll even be moving offices (at last!).

Aside from that, I moved into my house with two friends this month. There's work to be done on walls, floors and suchlike, but it's a beautiful house, and we couldn't have done better, especially for the price we're paying (for the next 20 years).

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