Theatre, film, web series and voice acting updates

I've been remiss in keeping my followers up to date on what's happening this year. In the beginning of the year I worked on a student film called Joy To The World, in which I played the boss of a Mall Santa agency, which refuses to hire the actual Santa Claus, because his résumé isn't … Continue reading Theatre, film, web series and voice acting updates

Calgary flood

We managed to avoid the flood. Our house is on a hill. The storm that brought the flood was intense, reminiscent of Johannesburg, but will more water. The Zoo had to fire most of their workforce and they're losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Support them. Visit and clickety on the donate … Continue reading Calgary flood


It's snowing today in Calgary. While this is expected for March, it was unexpected for me. We moved here from Lloydminster last August, and after two-and-a-half years there, I thought we were used to heavy snow. The good news is, the yard is much smaller, there is no driveway, and the front path is much … Continue reading Snowfall