Change by a thousand choices

I wrote three tweets last week which I’d like to summarise here: #BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights #StayHome The last one — about COVID-19 — is difficult to do if you’re protesting, so stay safe and wear a mask. Remember that the mask must cover both your mouth and your nose. I also wrote on this website aContinue reading Change by a thousand choices

A history of Emoji

I’ve been following a site called Shady Characters, created by Keith Houston. In his own words, “Shady Char­ac­ters is all about the stor­ies be­hind dif­fer­ent marks of punc­tu­ation”. Recently, Keith went into some detail about the history of Emoji, which I encourage you to check out. The brief his­tory of emoji is far more in­ter­est­ingContinue reading A history of Emoji