South Africa is bankrupt

If you believe all the news, we’re completely bankrupt. There’s no money to fix potholes and traffic lights in Johannesburg, with the (2010® FIFA® World® Cup®)®* fast approaching. There’s no money to run and maintain Eskom, our electricity provider. There’s no money for the pebble-bed nuclear reactor in the Cape. Then there’s the wonderful story … Continue reading South Africa is bankrupt

Good news (sort of)

"Police are investigating how a controversial Zimbabwean politician - hell-bent on stalling the power-sharing talks - has come into possession of a R1,4-million armoured Mercedes-Benz allegedly registered with the South African government's VIP protection unit." (Source)

Sarah Connor? *blam*

Max du Preez, well-known (and well-respected) journalist, has made an interesting and I dare say accurate description of our Governor of the Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni. He uses the words "Terminator", and "robot-like" in his continual increase of the interest rate to combat inflation. While this is hardly the forum for economic discussion, I think it's amusing that the three people in charge of our economy's names all start with "T": Thabo, Trevor and Tito. That makes T3 ...

So it begins

The African National Congress, the ruling party of South Africa, has amended the SA Constitution to increase the number of members in the National Executive Committee, reportedly to increase the number of women in high office.