South Africa is bankrupt

If you believe all the news, we’re completely bankrupt. There’s no money to fix potholes and traffic lights in Johannesburg, with the (2010® FIFA® World® Cup®)®* fast approaching. There’s no money to run and maintain Eskom, our electricity provider. There’s no money for the pebble-bed nuclear reactor in the Cape. Then there’s the wonderful storyContinue reading South Africa is bankrupt

Sarah Connor? *blam*

Max du Preez, well-known (and well-respected) journalist, has made an interesting and I dare say accurate description of our Governor of the Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni. He uses the words "Terminator", and "robot-like" in his continual increase of the interest rate to combat inflation. While this is hardly the forum for economic discussion, I think it's amusing that the three people in charge of our economy's names all start with "T": Thabo, Trevor and Tito. That makes T3 …