Robin Williams

Today I, along with millions of other people, mourn the death of Robin Williams. I can't express in words how I feel. He had a profound influence over my life. I wanted to be John Keating, Peter Pan, Armand Goldman, and even my own namesake, Randolph Smiley. I'll miss you, Robin.

O Canada

I'm writing this in our new home of Lloydminster, on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Facebook friends have seen photos and read updates, but I haven't had the time to actually write up something here. Also, I forgot that I have this blog ... So, Canada. Why Lloydminster of all places? What about Vancouver? … Continue reading O Canada

South Africa is bankrupt

If you believe all the news, we’re completely bankrupt. There’s no money to fix potholes and traffic lights in Johannesburg, with the (2010® FIFA® World® Cup®)®* fast approaching. There’s no money to run and maintain Eskom, our electricity provider. There’s no money for the pebble-bed nuclear reactor in the Cape. Then there’s the wonderful story … Continue reading South Africa is bankrupt