14 August

Two vastly different reasons for remembering the date today, and both have resonance. 14 August 1989: (Picture credit: Alex Jay on Twitter, but I'm not sure where he got it from, because it's a photo of a frame from a public television broadcast.) State President PW Botha, the second-last apartheid-era leader of South Africa, the … Continue reading 14 August

The issue I didn’t want to touch with a ten-foot barge pole

For the last month or so, my Twitter feed has been inundated with vicious hatred, towards feminists in particular. Whether it's related to this hashtag is immaterial: bullying is wrong. Rape- and death-threats are wrong. Doxxing is wrong. As a feminist myself, I didn't think I'd have to speak publicly on the matter, but here … Continue reading The issue I didn’t want to touch with a ten-foot barge pole

South Africa is bankrupt

If you believe all the news, we’re completely bankrupt. There’s no money to fix potholes and traffic lights in Johannesburg, with the (2010® FIFA® World® Cup®)®* fast approaching. There’s no money to run and maintain Eskom, our electricity provider. There’s no money for the pebble-bed nuclear reactor in the Cape. Then there’s the wonderful story … Continue reading South Africa is bankrupt

I don’t know who to vote for

Come 22 April 2009, we enter a new phase in South African politics. While it's not as ground breaking as the 1994 election (in which I was a few months too young to vote), it's the end of the honeymoon period of Nelson Mandela and his protégé, Thabo Mbeki. I'm talking about the newest four-letter word: Zuma.