Adventures in @BlobEater, sp_WhoIsActive and DBCC CHECKDB

The latest version of sp_WhoIsActive (and apparently last for SQL Server 2005/2008, according to Adam Machanic), was released a week ago. Yesterday, out of curiosity piqued by my recent three-week SQLskills training, I decided to run sp_WhoIsActive while doing a DBCC CHECKDB on a moderately large database (mainly because it takes longer, so it’s easierContinue reading Adventures in @BlobEater, sp_WhoIsActive and DBCC CHECKDB

My laptop is crying

I’ve finally got all four virtual machines required (per Jonathan’s blog series), up and running on my laptop, and it is taking serious strain. I’m inclined, in fact, to change all the machines from 2 vCPUs to a single vCPU each, because that’s what’s killing the machine. Then again, I never considered until February 2012Continue reading My laptop is crying