Batman is a cop

Ah, superheroes. For many years my favourite superhero was the yellow spandex one from X-Men, even before Hugh Jackman put on that bodysuit. It was also underpants-and-cape guy for a while, but it turns out I was just crushing on Christopher Reeve. And then there’s Batman, the epitome of “not really a superhero but cosplaysContinue reading Batman is a cop

Filmmaking as a Metaphor for the DBA

This post was originally published on my SQL Server blog. I worked on four films in 2015, three shorts and one feature-length movie, all shot in Calgary where I live. That has resulted in seven IMDb credits for me, someone who earns a living as a DBA. If nothing else, that experience has scratched anContinue reading Filmmaking as a Metaphor for the DBA

Sancha’s Cause (Is Coming To Town)

Announcing my directorial debut behind the camera, again written by Christopher Heatherington and Sherri Dahl. I have directed for stage on several occasions, and this was a very different experience. A film director has very little control by comparison. In this case, the actors and camera tell the story. Framing the scene is critical. Also,Continue reading Sancha’s Cause (Is Coming To Town)

Feature Films and Short Films, Oh My

Yesterday evening, I did my second (and final) scene from a feature film being shot in Calgary, by Blaise Kolodychuk and SC Entertainment. And this morning, I signed a non-disclosure agreement for a short film that is being shot early next month. Speaking of next month, we plan to shoot more episodes of our webContinue reading Feature Films and Short Films, Oh My