A review of silly hats

My friend Aidan posted about the new Pope on Facebook, and how he doesn’t like silly hats as much as Vitamin B-16, prompting me to plumb the depths of DuckDuckGo Image Search. For your reference, here’s Benedict Eks-vee-eye: And now here’s Francis, with three excellent reasons why he doesn’t wear a silly hat in public. OfContinue reading A review of silly hats

Danny Glover is an obliviot

Once upon a time, I referred to obliviots as “tomcruises”, because Tom Cruise exemplified the term when he jumped on Oprah’s couch, said he would eat the placenta, and then backed out. They might all have been called “dannyglovers” if he had eaten the placenta. Anyway, Danny Glover is almost as ignorant as Pat Robertson.Continue reading Danny Glover is an obliviot