Microsoft BizSpark is now a one-year programme

As of 1 December 2016, Microsoft’s BizSpark programme is now only for one year, down from the original three years. Given how useful the free Visual Studio tools are, and what is possible with Azure, I’m not surprised, but this is going to affect a lot of people. From the BizSpark page: A one yearContinue reading Microsoft BizSpark is now a one-year programme

Defensive SSL security in Windows and IIS

In my previous post, I wrote about how SSLMate has made my life easier. I also mentioned how SSL-based attacks like POODLE and Heartbleed have forced us into using TLS. Which is all very well, except that Microsoft’s whole premise in their product line is backward compatibility. This means that a lot of older securityContinue reading Defensive SSL security in Windows and IIS

SQL Server 2012 Exams

I’m taking the plunge to write all five SQL Server 2012 exams that are currently available, on my track to obtain the MCSM qualification (previously known as MCM, or Microsoft Certified Master). By going public with my plan, I hope to motivate myself to spend some time preparing properly for it. But in true RandolphContinue reading SQL Server 2012 Exams

Exchange 2003 Fail Server

Holy hell, it’s hard to recover mail from an Exchange Server if you’ve lost your domain controller. But I’ve done it. Once again, I’m a legend. On Monday, a customer’s Windows 2003 Small Business Server went down due to a planned power outage. When it came back up again, the drives were corrupt. Their mostContinue reading Exchange 2003 Fail Server