This section is a collection of my thoughts and various quotations, in reverse chronological order. It will expand through the passage of time (mainly when I remember to write things down).

“Reason is the privilege of the unaffected.” – May 2020

“The measure of your life is all the experiences you’ve had up to this point, not where you find yourself right now. As with good things, this too shall pass.” – September 2015

“Adjust your shirt. You’re revealing your mouse trap.” – November 2011

“Out of scope, out of mind.” – May 2008

“Happy Resurrection!” – 17 April 2006

“Slash from Guns N’ Roses. Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. Coincidence? I think not!” – 16 April 2006

“My eyes, awash with tears of joy.” – 16 April 2006

“Cope, bitch!” – c. late-2005

“Life itself is a lesson learnt.” – 30 June 2005

“Here’s a thought: instead of calling it Conclave, why not Papal Harem?” – 17 April 2005

“You end up working 8 hours a day for the rest of your life and you wonder why you didn’t take the opportunity to relax.” – 3 April 2005

“Operating within the understanding of your own self is the true measure of life and how to live it. If you can be honest with yourself, there is nothing else to life except to enjoy it. If you can look into your own eyes in a mirror without blushing, the world is yours for the taking. I still blush, but every day is a little easier.” – 18 December 2004 (published in “The Real Meaning of Life” by David Seaman)

“A symphony of fire dances deep in my soul. It’s a passionate flame; it consumes me.” – 22 September 2002

“Fortune smiles on those who wait, those who don’t care about their fate.” – 8 July 2002

“I’m not crazy! giggle giggle splat!” – July 1996