Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

There’s been a major attack on all WordPress (and Joomla) websites worldwide. When I last read about it, over 150 000 IP addresses were involved in the botnet. My (fantastic) service provider, Site5, with whom I host all of my customers’ sites as well as my own, mitigated the attack through the course of aContinue reading Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

WordPress Migration

Some time ago, I converted my blog from simplephpblog to WordPress, leaving the rest of the site in flat HTML with some PHP headers (to maintain consistency and reduce duplicate code). I even wrote an open-source C# application to perform the blog migration (which had a couple of bugs but did much of the heavyContinue reading WordPress Migration

Another Simple PHP Blog converted

Tonight, I completed a second conversion of someone else’s Simple PHP Blog to WordPress. As regular readers know, I developed a C# Windows app to do this for myself, last year. However it is certainly not production-ready, so two separate websites had to be assisted manually with the conversion. Their common issue is that theyContinue reading Another Simple PHP Blog converted

Why WordPress rules more than you think it does

I was asked by a new customer to move their WordPress blog to a hosted solution from After exporting the blog to their XML format, I thought I would have to manually download all 499 images and link them. WordPress, fortunately, is a little cleverer than that. A simple “Would you like to importContinue reading Why WordPress rules more than you think it does