Reverse engineering WordPress, kinda

Recently, a friend (Janie Larson, A.K.A. the Red Queen Coder) asked me to take over hosting of her website. Unfortunately, because of boring technical reasons, she wasn’t able to back up the WordPress database, and so I used a tool called SiteSucker Pro to download it as-is as a static HTML entity. We would comeContinue reading Reverse engineering WordPress, kinda

Another Simple PHP Blog converted

Tonight, I completed a second conversion of someone else’s Simple PHP Blog to WordPress. As regular readers know, I developed a C# Windows app to do this for myself, last year. However it is certainly not production-ready, so two separate websites had to be assisted manually with the conversion. Their common issue is that theyContinue reading Another Simple PHP Blog converted

Why WordPress rules more than you think it does

I was asked by a new customer to move their WordPress blog to a hosted solution from After exporting the blog to their XML format, I thought I would have to manually download all 499 images and link them. WordPress, fortunately, is a little cleverer than that. A simple “Would you like to importContinue reading Why WordPress rules more than you think it does