Simple PHP Blog To WordPress Converter v0.2.0

New features include:

  • Not unzipping files that are already unzipped.
  • HttpRoot setting for root of Simple PHP Blog for dynamic replace of base URL on embedded links.
  • Related link support. Requires modification of WP template using “the_meta()”.
  • Category support. This will be augmented with tag support later.

You can get the code from the project page on Google Code.

1 thought on “Simple PHP Blog To WordPress Converter v0.2.0

  1. Just want to say thanks, it converted a very simple sphpblog with ~200 posts in 2-3 seconds.

    A couple of issues that were easy to figure out:
    I set my date format (regional settings in windows) to YYYY-MM-DD in order to match the format my mysql install wanted.
    I also edited a post and added it to all categories and then removed the unwanted categories in order to get the categories (sidebar) updated/working in wordpress.

    Thanks for the brilliant work. Really appreciate it!

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