10 Centuries Locker

This is interesting. An anonymous message-sharing system for messages under 100MB, including full Unicode support. Hopefully the spammers won’t abuse it like they did with my site ncane.com. Created by Jason Irwin, who writes: The content can be text of any reasonable length and the password can be of any reasonable length and include multipleContinue reading 10 Centuries Locker

Air gaps and secure networks

I am a person with many interests. In one conversation, I’ll introduce myself as a new filmmaker. In another, I’m a seasoned theatre actor. Sometimes I give talks on Microsoft’s data platform products, SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. There’s another strong field of interest I have, which I don’t speak much about, and that’s informationContinue reading Air gaps and secure networks

Defensive SSL security in Windows and IIS

In my previous post, I wrote about how SSLMate has made my life easier. I also mentioned how SSL-based attacks like POODLE and Heartbleed have forced us into using TLS. Which is all very well, except that Microsoft’s whole premise in their product line is backward compatibility. This means that a lot of older securityContinue reading Defensive SSL security in Windows and IIS

SSLMate and IIS – a love story

I am a part-owner in a company based in South Africa. Our headline act, if you will, is a website that customers log into to manage certain aspects of their business. This website needs to be secure for obvious reasons. The most basic requirement for a secure website is an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer),Continue reading SSLMate and IIS – a love story

Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

There’s been a major attack on all WordPress (and Joomla) websites worldwide. When I last read about it, over 150 000 IP addresses were involved in the botnet. My (fantastic) service provider, Site5, with whom I host all of my customers’ sites as well as my own, mitigated the attack through the course of aContinue reading Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress