Reverse engineering WordPress, kinda

Recently, a friend (Janie Larson, A.K.A. the Red Queen Coder) asked me to take over hosting of her website. Unfortunately, because of boring technical reasons, she wasn’t able to back up the WordPress database, and so I used a tool called SiteSucker Pro to download it as-is as a static HTML entity. We would comeContinue reading Reverse engineering WordPress, kinda

On the real meaning of intelligence

(Originally posted on LinkedIn.) OpenAI’s ChatGPT is not intelligent. It is distilling knowledge fed into it by humans mining billions of data points. It’s a glorified chess computer. I am deeply concerned that this will increase the amount of misinformation floating around, because it has the confidence programmed into it by the very people whoContinue reading On the real meaning of intelligence

Surprising data usage in macOS with Apple News+

Recently I was able to install a new application on macOS that monitors network traffic. Useful for limiting bandwidth usage on the data bundle of your mobile device when travelling, you can limit all or a subset of your apps. It’s neat. A few months ago I was using my mobile data on my laptopContinue reading Surprising data usage in macOS with Apple News+