Sancha’s Cause (Is Coming To Town)

Announcing my directorial debut behind the camera, again written by Christopher Heatherington and Sherri Dahl. I have directed for stage on several occasions, and this was a very different experience. A film director has very little control by comparison. In this case, the actors and camera tell the story. Framing the scene is critical. Also,Continue reading Sancha’s Cause (Is Coming To Town)

Defensive SSL security in Windows and IIS

In my previous post, I wrote about how SSLMate has made my life easier. I also mentioned how SSL-based attacks like POODLE and Heartbleed have forced us into using TLS. Which is all very well, except that Microsoft’s whole premise in their product line is backward compatibility. This means that a lot of older securityContinue reading Defensive SSL security in Windows and IIS

“Government is breaking the internet”

Please take some time to read this column by Ivo Vegter. The Cybercrime Bill also criminalises investigative journalism and whistleblowing, by making it illegal to so much as receive government data classified as confidential or secret. Possession and transmission of such information will also be illegal. The way the bill defines cyber-terrorism is far tooContinue reading “Government is breaking the internet”