I’ve been remiss in keeping my followers up to date on what’s happening this year.

In the beginning of the year I worked on a student film called Joy To The World, in which I played the boss of a Mall Santa agency, which refuses to hire the actual Santa Claus, because his résumé isn’t good enough. I watched the film last week and it’s a good yarn.

Ever the critic, I hated my own performance.

The Calgary Men’s Chorus, of which I am a member (and with whom I performed at Carnegie Hall in 2014), was invited to perform at the GALA Choruses Festival in Denver, Colorado, in July.

After what happened in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, it was a very different mood we were expecting, and a sombre mood was felt throughout the week, despite it being a great experience.

Our own choir performed at the same time as the Orlando choir, so we had a low turnout, but were later invited to participate in the final show.

This summer, I’ve been busy learning lines for a stage production of Run For Your Wife, with Morpheus Theatre. I play Detective Sergeant Troughton, a stiff-lipped but extremely sarcastic policeman trying to get to the bottom of things.

The play is a product of its time, with many outdated references to gender and sexuality. With that in mind, we are trying to be careful in how it is presented. As a queer person myself, I’m pleased that the director is trying to be sensitive to the current political climate while putting on an ostensibly funny farce.

In terms of on-camera work, I’ve been a background actor in a local lifestyle television program currently being produced, and working on a feature film by the same director as last year’s Imitative Magic.

This year, Blaise has written an off-world science fiction story, called Night of the Shadow People, with robots and proto-zombies (ones that don’t eat human brains), and I play Beanstalk, an escaped death row convict magician.

Such that it is, my co-star held up my script so that I could read my lines during one of the scenes we shot last weekend. My head was already full of play lines. Some trivia for you when you finally see it, and something I have in common with Marlon Brando.

I also auditioned for a commercial that I didn’t get, in case you’re wondering that I land every role.

On this note: I auditioned for a lot of things in the last two years that I didn’t get, on stage, for film, and voice acting. Rejection is a part of this game and it does hurt.

On the voice acting front, I am the voice of a Steam game called Supraball, where I did the voice for the trailer, and the instructions for how to play.

Another game on Steam, Unknown Fate, yet to be released, features a sentence of mine right at the end of the trailer.

My spouse and I have travelled quite a bit in between, going to the Bahamas, India and Spain. I live a charmed life, I admit.

I’m taking a break from choir this season to focus on other things. I have a book or ten to write. I definitely won’t finish even one of them, but it’s nice to think that I might add some more words.

There has been work as well, which has kept me busy, but you don’t want to hear about migrating 50 SQL Server databases to Azure.

That’s it for this lengthy update. Thank you for reading.

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