I love calling people “dumbass”, and for a while (owing to a certain couch jumping incident) I was calling them “tomcruises” instead.

Times change, and Randy Cassingham (from This Is True) reminded me of a better word: obliviot. It’s a delightful, cromulent, nay expressive word.

Here’s the list. There are more references in the rest of this site under the “obliviot” category.

  1. Tom Cruise, for not eating the placenta.
  2. Richard Hatch, for failing to pay tax on his “Survivor” winnings.
  3. Schabir Shaik, for being caught.
  4. Bill O’Reilly, and this is why.
  5. Robert Mugabe, for being, well, Robert Mugabe.
  6. Anglican Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, who says same-sex marriage is unchristian.
  7. Thabo Mbeki, for doing nothing about crime, or Zimbabwe, or HIV/AIDS, etc., etc., etc. (Problem solved by the ANC and a little recall vote.)
  8. Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco (head of Italy’s bishops), and this is why.
  9. The Minister of Heathen Worship Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, for the African Potato.
  10. Boiki Tsedu, Limpopo roads and transport spokesperson, for saying that car heaters can kill you.
  11. The entire US economy for overstating its gold reserves, lending more money than it had, etc., etc., etc.
  12. People who can’t figure out how to remove entries from a mailing list (this used to be a short list…).