Two years after playing the lead in a theatre production of Move Over, Mrs Markham, I am happy to announce that I have been cast in a supporting role in Run For Your Wife, also produced by Morpheus Theatre.

When I auditioned, I specifically asked for a smaller role, due to the time commitment and number of lines of a lead role. Nevertheless, the director asked me to read last night for the lead, against several other extremely talented actors.

I had to leave early, because the Calgary Men’s Chorus had a performance last night which I was part of. Last night though, after the concert, I was asked to come back tonight for that rarity of rarities: a second callback.

Callbacks mean one of two things: either you didn’t nail the audition, or the director wants to see chemistry between actors. I was happy to partake for a brief time anyway.

I’ve been around this industry for a while and I’ve never been in a second callback. They’re like unicorns. I didn’t know what to expect.

Cut to this evening, where I went up against a fine stage and screen actor, with whom I performed in Mrs Markham, two years ago. Steve Gomori ultimately got the lead role, and there’s no one I’d rather lose it to.

I will be playing the role of Detective Sergeant Troughton, with the famously terse character breakdown “very earnest”. I cannot wait!

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