Retiring an email address

I have been forced to retire due to the incredible amount of spam that it receives. While most of this ends up safely in my spam folder, eliminating the address will stop almost 600 spam emails a week from existing. If you want to send me email, don’t do it on that address 🙂Continue reading Retiring an email address

I smite thee, spammers

As the founder of the Smiters of Iniquity, I hereby smite all spammers. Yesterday, and I were targeted by spammers, where a spam email went out to (I expect) thousands of people, purporting to be from me (including my personal details from public DNS records), and a short URL generated by An over-eagerContinue reading I smite thee, spammers

Various thoughts and comments

The other day I drove behind a woman driving a Mercedes Benz, and who had two small Dachshunds on her lap, sticking their heads out of the driver’s window. How is this safe? — I read that Terry Pratchett is a Humanist. I didn’t quite know what this meant, but it appears at first lookContinue reading Various thoughts and comments