I’m happy to be here, and to say hello to all of you.

My name is Randolph, and I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2010 I moved with my spouse to Canada, and have been setting up shop here in the performing arts ever since.

I’ve got a page on IMDb, which is pretty bleak right now, but I’m building up my resume at every opportunity I can get.

I have started a production company with my friend Anna Mae Alexander, herself a most wonderfully creative and smart person. The company is called Every Waking Moment Productions.

I’ve been acting and directing theatre, on and off, since I was kicked out of the lead in a third grade play because I couldn’t learn my lines fast enough. Ironically, this problem has never gone away, but I’ve managed to be the lead character in a number of productions since then, most recently in 2014, right here in Calgary. I’ve also received a couple of awards for directing one-act comedies.

I am part of the Calgary Men’s Chorus, in the winter season, and have performed with them in Carnegie Hall, as well as a solo performance in Calgary, singing “Shosholoza” in front of my very proud mother.

For the 2015 season, I set my sights on film and web series work, and have already acted in my first short film, Unhappy Endings. You’ll see that on my IMDb page. There’s a feature-length film that is currently shooting, called Imitative Magic, which I can tell you more about when it’s done.

On Monday evenings, I participate in a mad-cap voice acting group called Voice Acting Power Squad, created by Elijah Lucian and Kaela Caron. They have a twitch.tv channel, which you can tune into on most vMonday nights at 5pm through 9pm Mountain Time.

I am also working with Anna Mae on a web series called You Asked For It!, which I co-wrote and directed. This will be released on a regular schedule once we’ve shot the first eight episodes.

Thank you for visiting.

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