I’ve finally got all four virtual machines required (per Jonathan’s blog series), up and running on my laptop, and it is taking serious strain. I’m inclined, in fact, to change all the machines from 2 vCPUs to a single vCPU each, because that’s what’s killing the machine.

Then again, I never considered until February 2012 that I’d be running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition on four virtual machines, simultaneously, on an Asus Core 2 Duo (T7250) 2GHz laptop with 4GB RAM, purchased in February 2008.

The computer is under so much strain that I’ve offloaded the browser to my Mac, to free up some RAM.

Wish me luck with the SQL Server installation …

EDIT: Changing the CPUs to 1 virtual CPU, and dropping the cap from 100% to 40% has made all the difference to the performance. Wonderful!

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