Come 22 April 2009, we enter a new phase in South African politics. While it's not as ground breaking as the 1994 election (in which I was a few months too young to vote), it's the end of the honeymoon period of Nelson Mandela and his protégé, Thabo Mbeki. I'm talking about the newest four-letter word: Zuma.

A wise man (or woman – I forget who it was) once told me that the most powerful vote you can cast is for a strong opposition, regardless of who is in power. And, quite frankly, I can't predict the outcome of this election to the point where I want to vote for the Congress of the People. Aside from the fact that they might win (albeit a very slim chance), they don't stand for what I believe in. Yes, I'm dismissing Ms Botoz right off the bat, because Helen Zille, while a strong woman, is not a leader. The Democratic Alliance is boring. They've been the "opposition" since Apartheid South Africa, and even their recent rebranding exercise did nothing for me.

So I don't know who to vote for.

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