I bought more RAM for my PC after selling two 512MB DIMMs to a client earlier in the year. Should make things a little quicker at least – I’m back up to 1GB again. Now all I need is more disk space. 300GB isn’t enough!

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  1. good!

    At least you get some "recognition"!

    I … and my wonderfully friendly generous personality would fight it … but there is only so far you can take something … take what you get and leave it be!

    PS… this anti-spam shit in the bottom is annoying me immensly

  2. *ahem* ..I presume this to be a verbatim blockquote of a .us article (hence "realize" *cringe*), so you may/(~ not) feel motivated to correct "Your grand-parents had a different word of burger flipping." – my meagre grasp of the language suggests "for" in its stead ..yes?

    That aside, LOVED it – gonna post it to the forum site I hang out at (you know which one).

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