(Disclaimer: I did not invent the phrase in the title. This is nonsense verse.)

let me tell you the story about an experience i had in april this year i was sitting in my room writing poetry when my pen started writing of its own accord with my hand still holding it it wrote in latin too so it took me quite a long time to decipher what my pen was scribbling of course i waited until it was finished writing so that took about two minutes this is exactly what it wrote CAESAR ADSUM IAM FORTE i knew it was latin because julius caesar was a roman god about five thousand years ago first i looked at CAESAR and i couldnt find it in my dictionary so i left it alone then i thought a while about ADSUM and then i suddenly thought HAD SOME and i translated it then i looked at IAM and since there were no js in latin it must have been JAM and i translated it then i looked at FORTE and thought of FOR TEA thus the sentence became CAESAR HAD SOME JAM FOR TEA with a bit of time i managed a clumsy translation of caesar so now what are your thoughts on latin does it interest you or is it merely a boring language that needs to be buried