He held out his hand. She took it, and they pulled themselves back into the boat. She was crying with laughter, the tears mingling with the water on her face. He was concerned but also laughing. Romantic honeymoons weren’t supposed to be this way. The picnic basket was visible at the bottom of the lake, almost smiling at them, and this thought made her giggle even more. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to get water out of it, and began to strip, to get out of the wet clothes. The sun was still out, a good hour left of sunlight remaining in the day, and it would be warm enough to dry themselves. She followed suit, and laid the clothes out in the boat. They held each other, tightly, feeling more as one than the previous night. He said “I love you” and meant it. She said “I know” and loved him back. As the boat drifted towards the lake shore, they held each other.