(Survivor is copyright © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

Script: Selected scenes will be made available on request, in PDF format.

Performance Rights: The Survivor will be made available in South Africa through DALRO (Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation). To inquire about performance rights or to purchase copies of the script please contact them directly.

Sound Effects: None available at this time.

Author’s Note: This play was inspired by an evening sitting with friends watching the reality television show “Survivor”. I wrote the first draft (there were seven in total) in around 45 minutes one evening. I wanted to make it as real as possible, so my cast and set were simple: a family sitting down to watch their favourite reality show, just before dinner. A disclosure is made by the son, which causes the mother to reveal a disclosure of her own.

Synopsis: When a family sits down to watch their favourite television show, a disclosure is made. But who will make the disclosure?

Genre: Drama / Some elements of comedy

Acknowledgements: Thanks to John Atkinson and Chris Esterhuyse for input on the script. I would also like to thank the original cast (listed below) for their input and efforts.

Production History: The Survivor was first performed by the Franklin Players in Rooseveld Park, Johannesburg on 1 April 2006. It was directed by Randolph Potter with the following cast:

LAWRENCE – Hennie Greyvenstein
HELEN – Tamara Penstone
SEAN – Mark Vosloo
RITA – Keshia Drzewicki
TONY – Anthony Vosloo