Slowly, very slowly, the psychopath
Emerged from his front door
Greeting the world with a psychotic grin.
He stepped outside, closing the door
And made his way to the Place:
A bottle of purple liquid in one hand
A box of matches in the other.

One, two, three, four, five paces forward.
Two paces left.
Kneel down.
Look for the best place for a bonfire.
There! At the entrance!
Pour the contents of the bottle
Down the hole in the driveway.

Strike a match.
Throw it down and
Turn quickly if it ignites.
No it doesn’t. Strike another.
There we go. Carefully drop
The match at the hole and
Turn to run.

Poof! And a warm feeling on his back
The psychopath turned to watch
The fire spread as the little
Creatures tried to harness the flames
No such luck Little Ants
The psychopath wins again
Time for revenge …