Slowly, very slowly, the survivors
Reared their weary heads, and
Left no stone unturned,
Looking for natural flammable materials
To take revenge
On the psychopath
Who had ruined their home.

One thousand, two thousand paces right.
Five thousand paces forward.
Climb the stair and
Look for the best place for a bonfire.
There! At the doorway!
Drop all flammable objects at
The front door of the house.

It took five hundred ants and
One burning stick two minutes
To ignite the mass at the door.
The two hundred closest to the
Bonfire died in the ensuing rage
But the remaining ants licked their
Mandibles when the door caught alight.

When the psychopath returned “home”
He could not believe his eyes at first.
A smouldering ruin was left
Of his dream house.
He walked to where the doorstep was,
Found the almost indistinguishable pile of dead ants
Revenge was theirs.