In our old house, we had magnetic fridge poetry. A decision was made to buy the dirty set instead of the clean set.

Over time I collected some interesting poems by us, and others who visited the house.

In no particular order, here is a selection of Dirty Fridge Poetry.

she must fondle purr and blush
then arouse
so when lips glow together
by silky ripe throat
my teasing wrap will
pound with firm length
the pink valley and enthrall
my raging red erotic scratch
we spread like oil
positioning us in ecstacy

push tongue between pants
bold lover bite
grow in mouth

heaving toe sex please

take my captive welling muscle
lure me with might

strum finger on smooth bottom
mount parted cheeks
ascend and bend clingful need
spurt wild virile passion
glisten again into our writhing embrace

wave fluff out
before pacing your fly numbly

this is a fruit zone

taste liquid hot sticky creamy nectar

gently tickle the sultry edible swollen head

rub lucious hole essence on it

quick thrust across the warm sizzling dimple

nudity play time

drip steamy sweat
oozing sexual milk

two wet lusty call girls lick raw mercy

I swallow

I like your hair
loving boy
I’d cry for you

I love you honey
I want you

juicy come on your belly
more of the dirty flesh

give bubbles once only by giving subtle fresh water fountain

sexiness tingles my constant gyrating shower

cloth pulse

unite bodies after fiddle