I’m still in love. This one is going to be for keeps, but that’s a story for another blog.

Anyway, I decided the other day that I wanted to learn Visual C# once and for all. The way I see it, I’ve tried university twice, doing something I don’t want to. C# is a lot more useful than Visual Basic, in that I can move on to things like Java and the rest of Microsoft’s .NET thingum. So we’ll see. That’s my new hobby.

Also, next year I plan to start on a law degree, but I don’t want to become a lawyer. I figure, after chatting with a whole bunch of people, that there is a future in Internet Law, amongst other things, and a law degree combined with my current IT skill set will get me places. That, and the growing (albeit slowly) company that I started last year. Hey, I plan to retire by the age of 40, and I think I’ll do it.

Oh, my day job seems to have taken an upswing. I approached senior management about becoming the IT Manager, and they said I should just motivate for it properly. It’s not a lot of extra work, per se, but the responsibility is more, and it will keep me busy when my department is slow, as it has been for the last two months. Sitting around on my ass is one thing, but it does get boring after a while.

That’s all for now. See you all around.

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