Bad Days

Yesterday was my birthday. My better half is currently in Durban so could not join me, so my sister and her friends, plus two other friends, went out for dinner and drinks at a local casino mall ... er, yes ...

No Internet Access At Home

Almost the middle of December. One week and six days to Christmas. Ten days to my 27th birthday. And still no Internet access at home. I'm starting to get very anxious about that little fact, because it's going to affect my productivity if I'm working from there! I can still use the facilities at the office, even though I'm contracting, but it's inconvenient.

I Quit

I resigned from my day job today. I've really had enough of petty nonsense and politics (accused of stealing software). So I've spoken to the boss, and she's agreed to keep me on in a consulting capacity, for the same money, and I am only responsible for getting their website up and running, plus a … Continue reading I Quit