UNISA Degree

I've just registered at the University of South Africa to do a Bachelor of Education degree (see related link). It's four years minimum, and is the equivalent of an honours degree, which means I could technically go for a Masters degree immediately after that (though why, I'm not quite sure!). In any event, I think after ten years I've found what I really want to do. Yay, me! I've always said IT was more of a hobby for me, so teaching it inspires that passion that was sucked out of me; having to earn money from a hobby was not fun.


Since the beginning of last week I have been teaching Computer Literacy at an awesome high school in the north of Johannesburg. Since a number of my students are not particularly interested in computers, I have implemented a challenge where they get to ask me anything about technology. If I cannot answer them immediately, they go into a draw to win a 256MB USB MP3 player which I think is pretty cool.