Last night whilst washing the dishes, I managed to slice the tip of my right index finger with a sharp knife. Needless to say, this has affected my typing, as well as my mood as a result. I’d show you a picture but I don’t have a webcam at work.

In other knews, it seems that Delano is offering to help me start up my own religion (see this entry). Let me have some of your ideas!

My finger hurts.

I found a bug in my code which has been rectified. The entire site, including images, comes in at a staggering 60KB. I’m very chuffed with myself.

3 Replies to “Of knives and soapy water”

  1. Yeah and I had to sit through the MSN messages of you debugging and fixing it… must say it was an enlightening experience about PHP and recognising some things *grin* – I'm not such a bad DEVELOPER (say it with me Mr. xqrx) – one day I'll be a programmer also… :-P:-P:-P:-P

  2. You will never match my l33t skillz. R0x0rz! etc …

    But seriously, I think you have potential 🙂

  3. Starting your own religion is fairly easy. It helps to take tips from people of the past; no better way to do something than to see how others managed to pull it off. With that principle in mind, I present to you the Religious Construction Kit''.

    Key points to note:

    1) The world has gone wrong.
    And you know the secret as to how things should be. This is a fundamental approach to many of the world's faiths. Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed, Joseph Smith… they all came along and told everyone else that all people had gotten everything completely wrong.

    2) Humanity's place in the universe.
    How do we obtain the divine? Do we get closer to nature? Do we seperate ourselves from nature? Is nature a manifestation of the divine or is it an unpleasant reminder of our own animalism? Take your pick.

    3) Quotable quotes.
    Say some profound things. Preferably with a twist of irony. Make sure it's memorable. Make it give the person listening a warm feeling. After you've accumulated enough quotes, it could later become scripture.

    4) The future's not ours to see.
    Religions are rooted in the past but they speak of the future. Where is humanity headed? What is going to happen to the world if they do not apply your religion's thinking? Being doomsday here adds a nice touch.

    5) How many gods would you like with that?
    Does your religion worship a god? Or many gods? Are you god? You can have lots of fun here.

    That's all for now. Think of it some more.

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