Microsoft vs EU

"Regulators said [Microsoft] has not yet handed over 'complete and accurate technical specifications' to developers to help them make software for computers running Windows, printers and other devices on a network to talk to each other." (See related link.)


So Friday was a complete waste of makeup. I spent the entire day installing software that didn't want to work properly. The entire day! I am beside myself. Once it was all up and running, I decided to take the opportunity to set it up at home so that I could work on the weekend … Continue reading Bah!

HOff sick

I've been off sick the past two days so that's why it's been so quiet here. More bad news is that the Hoff is now officially divorced. Well, that's not bad news - it means he's on the market again. Ladies, stand in line and take a number! I reckon he's more manly than the … Continue reading HOff sick

Quote of the week

"Why are you people not dead yet? Do us a favour and unplug yourselves. Disconnect your oxygen pump. If you can't ask the nurses for help, just lean over and switch your life support machines off yourself." - Rian van Heerden, 702 Talk Radio