I hereby call on a boycott of SABC 2’s Morning Live show. A friend of mine writes:

I don’t know if you’ve been following the very one-sided debate on Morning Live on SABC 2?

Yesterday morning (just before I left for site at 6h45) they read a letter that had been sent in from a viewer saying how morally wrong Gay Marriages are, and how we cannot allow it in SA…how gay people are a sign of the moral degradation of this country, and how everyone has to fight to have this stopped!!

He was so annoyed, that he wrote them a long letter stating that he was not going to sully his relationship by getting married, when the very notion of marriage, in his opinion, is represented by “the amount of divorces, abused women and children by husbands and fathers, philandering and affairs, the breaking of trust, and the degeneration of the very term ‘marriage’ that takes place in this country by ‘upstanding citizens’ in the ‘straight’ community, should put anybody to shame”.

While I personally don’t agree with my friend’s definition of marriage, because I think as a matter of principle we should be allowed to marry whichever consenting adult we like, I support his convictions.

Anyway, he goes on further to say that this morning, there was apparently a deluge of replies quoted on SABC 2’s Morning Live, every single one of them against gay marriage.

One of them stating how terrible it is against God’s will because we are unable to “breed” and multiply! Another one of them coming up Bible versus stating how wrong it is…

He got so upset that he wrote another letter to them. I’m pasting this below:

“Hi there

I sent in an email yesterday, and was going to leave it at that, but further comments this morning spurred me on to write yet another email…

In the “Apartheid Era”, white people also managed to find passages in the Bible to quote why it is wrong to have black people in the same church, and why white people and black people must live apart.

To me, the most important passage in the Bible is where Jesus teaches us to “love our neighbour as we love ourselves.” Isn’t LOVE the most important part of it all?

Why is it that all the people who actually will not be influenced by gay people being able to marry have got the most to say about it? It will not make any difference in their lives whatsoever if it were allowed, but it means equal rights to those who it influences…

One comment by another viewer this morning stated that gay marriages are wrong because we need to carry on “breeding”…like animals! Surely in this country, people should be pleased that there is a percentage of the population that is NOT adding to the ever growing population?

I honestly think that Morning Live should invite someone from Gay Equality as a guest, in order to clarify some points. Gay people are not attempting to undermine the Institution of Marriage amongst “straight” people. They simply want the same RIGHTS that goes along with it. I personally don’t even think the term “marriage” is the correct term, as there are way to many innuendoes that go along with it. “Straight” people can’t even get “marriage” right…the divorce rate proves this…why on earth must gay people try the same thing!??!”

Come on, SABC 2. If you want to discuss current affairs, you need to be non-partisan. Shame on you, Morning Live.

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