Thursday was my last day at the old company, and while I enjoyed my 9 months there, I was looking forward to starting at my new job on Friday. I spent most of the day deleting my personal files off the computer, backing up emails, etc. My work PC went off at about 2pm.

On Friday, I started at my new job and was very nervous throughout the whole morning. I eventually settled down at about 11 when my manager told me to load SQL Server 2005 64-bit on a development server, which consists of a quad Xeon 3.2GHz with 6GB of RAM.

I went for lunch with my new colleagues in the canteen at 1pm (I had to turn down my fiance for lunch at 12 because of the SQL installation), we came back up at 1:15 with our take-away meals, and then I spent the rest of the day familiarising myself with the database.

At 4pm my team went for drinks at the News Cafe – I behaved myself – and then went to meet my man at his place of work at around 6pm. Unfortunately I ended up falling asleep at around 8pm. M was NOT happy about this, because he had made an effort to be let off work early (he normally finishes between 9pm and 10pm on Fridays). I maintain that I was tired and did not overindulge, but I am truly sorry, honey!

Yesterday I went for lunch with Toni, an ex-colleague (since Friday at any rate) and friend, and went to see a film with him, but all the time I was there I missed my man and wished he was there with us. For the record, I felt fine when I woke up at 7am, and did not have any symptoms of a headache or dehydration.

Today we’re going to the in-laws in about an hour. I need to wash my hair.

Survivor South Africa starts tonight on M-NET!

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