How sad

I've come to the realisation (although I've had my suspicions in the past) that being gay is pass', especially in Johannesburg. Gone are the days of marching for our rights. M even noted the other day that there are only two gay support groups in the whole of Gauteng, in a region that services more than half the country's population.

Dumbass of the Month

On the Civil Union Bill which is being rushed through parliament to beat the Constitutional Court's 1 December 2006 deadline: "Why are we fast-tracking the passing of legislation that a majority of South Africans don't want, this is forgery," said the Inkatha Freedom Party's Jeanette Vilakazi.


I'm about a third of the way through the book "Freakonomics", and one of the most profound statements is explored in the beginning - that crime in USA dropped dramatically in the 1990s because abortion was legalised (see Roe vs Wade).

I suck

I haven't managed to stay on track for writing my novel in the month of November. By now I should be coming in on the 40 000 word mark. It's not going to happen.