Surprise parties

M threw me a surprise party, so I'd like to thank the following people for attending:

Candice, Trevor, Toni, Shaun, Steven, Paul, Jaco and Melanie.

There was even an ice cream cake, with the Star Trek logo emblazoned on the top and "29.9" under it. It's my joke that goes as follows: "I'll never turn 30, just 29.9. Next year it'll be 29.99. In 2008 I'll turn 29.999. It works like warp speed in Star Trek."

Unfortunately, certain staff members of the eating establishment did not understand that ice cream should be stored in a freezer and not a refrigerator, so it got a little runny. So we put it in the freezer.

I fetched it this morning from said establishment, and currently the oddly-shaped ice cream cake is sitting in my freezer waiting to be consumed when M gets home from work.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, which I will remember for a long time.

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