SQL Server 2005 is fun, especially when enough hardware is thrown at it. However, I still cannot get SQL Server 2005 to add a linked 2000 server to it. No one can seem to help!


We’ve managed to get a 3-4 day report down to a couple of hours now (which is really impressive, I think) as part of my automation project. There are 8 reports that have been automated, and only 20 more to go!

M and I saw the new Casino Royale on the weekend. It is an excellent Bond film, and Daniel Craig is a whole lot better than Pierce Brosnan. I did find myself thinking at one stage that I should concentrate more on the fact that Daniel Craig is James Bond, but it was only one scene, and it’s because we’re so used to seeing Brosnan, I guess.

For the most part he carried it off superbly. My favourite line from the film is “the last hand almost killed me”. He’s not pretty (funny ears, odd jawline), but he was James Bond.

In terms of continuity, the story is a little out of place. Here is a man called James Bond, who has just become 007, and yet it has been updated to 2006. I suppose one could simply assume that all 007s are called “James Bond”, and that will solve all continuity problems in the franchise.

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