A bugfix release of ShutOff 2000 has been released, thanks to some feedback from a new customer. Visit http://itsol.co.za/ for more information.

I will blog soon about my wonderful holiday with my better half (whom I never give enough praise) in Umhlanga Rocks last week.

At work I’ve been busy on new reports, as well as applying some of the training I went on before my holiday. The latest achievement was an interface between SQL Server 2005 and SAS. Currently our source data is delivered in SAS files, which SQL Server 2005 (for some odd reason) doesn’t want to open. However, SAS has no problem linking to SQL.

So, my solution was to invoke SAS through a custom application that delivers the data from SAS to SQL Server 2005 using scripts that the app sends. Everyone is quite chuffed with this, as am I.

For the record, I hate washing dishes.

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