On Satanism, Swords and Slipknot

The country has been going on the last two days about an 18 year old boy who killed another boy at school with a sword, and then attacked two gardeners. The original reports described the boy as being dressed in a balaclava, with his face smeared in black paint. Details emerged later in the day about how the boy blamed Satan for his actions, and was dressed like the drummer in a band called Slipknot. He was also high on drugs at the time.

Vote PC Mall for good service

Last Tuesday, I bought a Linksys AM200 ADSL modem from PC Mall. On Thursday, I dropped them an email asking when I could expect delivery. Someone called Iain replied with a vague email about freight and suppliers and so forth, indicating that I'd be in for a bit of a wait. So I contacted a friend and acquired a borrowed unit to sync my line on Thursday evening.

Good news (sort of)

"Police are investigating how a controversial Zimbabwean politician - hell-bent on stalling the power-sharing talks - has come into possession of a R1,4-million armoured Mercedes-Benz allegedly registered with the South African government's VIP protection unit." (Source)