Obama and tomato

Last year I said McCain would win, and if Obama won, I'd eat tomato. Well, I'm glad Obama won, and that the Electoral College made the right choice. In the meantime, I am pretty sure there was tomato in the bobotie my mother-in-law made on Sunday, so that's that, then.

Sometimes, “D’oh!” just doesn’t cut it …

"In the course of this discussion [Nicholson] changed the rules of the game, took his eyes off the ball and red-carded not only players but also spectators". Nicholson then overstepped his judicial authority by failing "to confine the judgement to the issues before the court; by deciding matters that were not germane or relevant; by creating new factual issues; by making gratuitous findings against persons who were not called upon to defend themselves; by failing to distinguish between allegation, fact and suspicion; and by transgressing the proper boundaries between judicial, executive and legislative functions."


Last night Marinus took me to see Pythonesque at Montecasino in Fourways. He managed (with my help) to keep it a secret right to the point where we sat down, which is admirable considering that I paid for the tickets and signed for them at the box office 🙂

Happy new year!

The subject line says it all, but here's to 2009. In an interesting bit of news, the 30GB Microsoft Zune player is affected by a feature bug which stops it working past 2008/12/31. Har har. Then again, I'm the guy who purposefully crippled an older version of ShutOff 2000 to stop working past 2007/12/31 and … Continue reading Happy new year!