So I lied. A few other things have happened in the last couple of months.

I’ve released a third beta for ShutOff 2010, and new versions of the Password Generator 2010, Simple Lotto Number Generator 2010, and the ShutOff 20×0 registry cleaner.

Simple HexConverter 2010 is also almost ready for release.

Yes, I sold out with the names of those products. I decided to plug in “2010” and “Simple” in as many places as possible. No, I will not apologise.

You can find these new products at

What else? Ah yes, a complete stranger told me of changes to the WordPress table structure which necessitated changes to the SimplePHPBlogToWordPressConverter (another name I shall not apologise for, despite it being a bugger to type). Since my involvement in said project is now over, I made him a project lead and he committed some code changes. Thanks, Hans! (I think his name is Hans.)

Not much else. Promise!

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