This Easter weekend, we went to Los Angeles to sort out our permanent residence for Canada.

Yes, I realise how silly that sounds, but there’s a good reason.

When you live in Canada, you’re supposed to send off your PR application to somewhere in the US (usually Buffalo, NY). In our case, we did this, but they ran into delays due to the massive volume, and forwarded our application to Los Angeles.

Now the fun part: in order to have our passports sent back to us, we had to send them in with a USPS pre-paid envelope of certain size, to get the passports back. We could also have organised for a courier to collect the passports.

As it turns out (we visited many websites and contacted people to send us envelopes from the US – thanks, Dan and Aidan for the offer!), it was less stressful for us to travel there directly, because the passports would be stamped on the same day.

Off we went, and while there, did some touring of Hollywood, including Universal Studios and the Key Club, where we saw Sam Sparro live (and Adam Lambert dancing on a table).

All in all, a most enlightening experience.