Noël Coward, that flaming homosexual that wasn’t Oscar Wilde, wrote a number of plays in his life, one of which was the one-act “Hands Across the Sea”, a slice of high society life.

The Vic Juba Community Players, of which I am a member, put this production on last night, as part of the Lloydminster annual Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts.

We had nine weeks to prepare for this one-off event, and I’m rather pleased with the outcome. I played Lieutenant Commander Alistair Corbett (Ally), the best friend of the lead, Commander Peter Gilpin. Compared to “See How They Run“, I had a lot fewer lines to learn, which made it much less stressful.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

Hands Across the Sea
Hands Across the Sea - Dress Rehearsal (Image credit Gwen Mottram / Vic Juba Community Theatre)