Obligatory “I’m still alive” post.

For microblogging, I’m on Twitter and ADN (App.net).

I’m not on Facebook1.

I’m on Google+ periodically.

There’s Tumblr, where I lurk a bit, mainly to find lurid pictures for a friend of mine. There is a LOT of porn on Tumblr.

You can also find me on Pinterest, where I am saving the world, one sarcastic card at a time.

I have a Flickr account because I killed my Instagram account (see above regarding Facebook). The Flickr account has fewer photos than vowels.

My LinkedIn profile is boring, but seeing that I’m always in the market for contract work in SQL Server consulting, it’s there if you want to click on it.

I think that’s all.

1. I realise that Facebook is no more or less evil than Google when it comes to privacy. Google knows more about me than I do. My reasons for deleting my Facebook account are, in retrospect, hypocritical. That said, I have a lot more time in my day2 now that it’s out of my workflow.

3. For similar reasons, I’ve stopped contributing to my StackExchange sites. I achieved my goal of reaching 10,000 reputation points on SuperUser.com. It was a major time sink, so it no longer features in my workflow.

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